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About Us

Agricam is located in the heart of Israel's central agricultural region. We address precision agricultural related needs based on geospatial analysis tools.

built from the ground up, Agricam knows firsthand the challenges farmers have to face today and the needs of the agriculture industry, therefore we deliver on-going solutions for precision agriculture in irrigated and non-irrigated open field crops, plantations, vineyards and orchards.

during the past few years, there has been an increasing demand on agriculture sector to keep up with higher efficiency. Agricam provides the farmer, institutions and organizations with Intelligence information based on satellite data that can boost crop profits, maximize agricultural production dramatically and help farmers, agronomist, and agricultural companies find the best farming strategy for future crops.

Research and development

Research and development, are key elements in the success of the company's services. on-going research is done in the fields of satellite data, sensors, software application of remote sensing technology all in order to enhance agricultural crops.
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