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Satellite data is nowadays a valuable source of information and serves as the basis for almost all of the current agriculture applications.
the heart of the information is based on remote sensing technology that enables to monitor changes in crop growth in real time.

In recent years, the use of satellites has become more popular and all the more so in the agricultural sector and in its related decision-making processes. The main advantage of using satellite data is its low cost, no human factor is involved in the transmission and processing of the information; from the moment the information is emitted directly from the satellite (through automatic processing) until it reaches the farmer.

the satellite is an autonomous device which orbits over the agricultural field regularly and frequently. this fact significantly increases the chances of detecting changes in crop growth in real time.

another big advantage of satellite  in order to investigate and understand the crow Behavior today satellite to take advantage of historical data that was collected through the years and implement the data as a change in factor  in analyzing the crops.

today, by using satellite derived information; you can actively manage several crops at one time, reduce input costs, pests, stress and any other type of management risks.

moreover, the combination of accurate satellite imagery with Agricam's proven leadership in algorithm development, processing and automated systems construction; enables us to provide our customers with the information package that will, by the end of the day, equate to huge savings and maximized profits, both during and after the growing season.

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