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Drone Solutions

Agricam is a pioneer in the field of Integration drones (UAV) in agricultural industry, when it was the first company in Israel to provide remote sensing services since 2013. our "drone sensor" has documented tens of thousands of hectares of agricultural crops such as: cotton, potatoes, carrots, wheat , Peanuts, pomegranates, avocado and more.
our team provides various remote sensing services such as multi-spectral, thermal , submillimeter resolution imagery, 3D modeling and more.

In recent years, the field of drones in agriculture faces new and promising directions.
today, apart from photography missions, the drone is used by the farmer for very complex tasks such as: accurate spraying, precise dispersion of biological materials, collection of samples, etc. Agricam applies the above cutting edge drone technology and uses 
in the precision farming industry.



Spatial resolution of 1 millimeter per pixel.


Drones for dispersing biological material.


Field measurement of agricultural areas.

And there are many more capabilities ...
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