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Our Newsletters

Among our clients, newsletters and updates are published from time to time, presenting Agricam's innovations in agri-agriculture and services

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Newsletter 005 Winter 2018:
Innovations in the Agricam system, let's talk about free satellite imagery, a cloud detection guide.


Newsletter 004 Winter 2017: 
The satellite is not only a field warning system, the satellite's best friend of the segment !, satellite high resolution from 1969.

Newsletter 003 Autumn 2016:
What new uses have been added to the agricultural hovercraft ?, Does the NDVI index from the satellite photographs have quantitative significance ?, Corona Project.

Newsletter 002 Spring 2016:
Combo pictures combined with satellite, identification of irrigation fault by drone, operation of skimmer in areas close to the fence.

Newsletter 001 Winter 2015:
When to make a photo in the potato carrot services, photos of skimmer in the wheat experiment.


Find out more on our R&D in the fields of satellites in agricultural integration, remote sensing, new services and more. Each newsletter is published once a season.To join the mailing list, fill out your Email Address and you will receive the next newsletter.

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