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Precision Agriculture Service

Crop Maps Processing
Agricultural machinery such as combine-harvester and seeders are equipped with specialized systems that provide data such as collected harvest data. These systems provides unique maps "Crop Maps" that are numerical mappings of field yields, the are a collection of geographical data and crop yields and their properties, such as moisture content, is obtained by the sensors during harvesting.

And there are many more capabilities ...

What can I do with the information?
The agricultural machinery equipped with crop sensors, collect raw data from which we can create application maps. these maps indicate the variance of crop performance for each specific area and provide an important tool that helps understand, analyze, increase and optimize field performance.
There are ways to apply this information in order to enhance the crop growth cycle chain, for example by applying differentiated fertilization, varying the amount of seeds per square meter and more.
We are skilled and experienced in the processing and implementation of data produced by a variety of machinery manufacturers. We assist and advice farmers in cases where growers want to conduct their own analyses using available data management software and geographic information system (GIS) programs.

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Position sensors and crop sampling information


Fertilizer and seeds
application maps.


Harvester Crop Maps

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