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Cloud Based Platform


Service applications:


Fertilizer management


Crop indices


Pest control


Stress Detection


Irrigation management


GIS layers system



In modern agriculture, there is a growing demand for increased land productivity while lowering input costs. Farmers need to continuously obtain, reliable and cost-effective information in order to maximize crop yields. The ultimate solution would be getting satellite information suitable for a broad variety of crops, which would also provide with a comprehensive coverage of the agricultural areas. 

Agricam is a cloud based platform which provides algorithm based strategic analytical tools such as multiple growth layers maps, indices maps, graphs and much more. The satellite images undergo an accurate data processing in order to extract maximum information from each crop or field.
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The Who this service applies?
For those interested in measuring the performance of the agricultural growth at the field level, from the individual farmer to the agricultural organization / company. In addition, the service is suitable for all those dealing with the cultivation of agricultural products or the purchase of agricultural products in commercial quantities. organizations / companies that provide inputs to the agriculture industry, such as: irrigation, pesticides, seeds, fertilizers, and more.


Which agricultural crops is appropriate for the service?
The service is suitable only for crops grown in open areas such as cotton, soybeans, sugar canes, corn, potatoes, carrots, peanuts, wheat and more.
plantations - avocados, pomegranates, banana, jojoba, almonds, citrus, vineyards, grapes and more.

What is the resolution?
10 X10 square meters, and thanks to our unique algorithms you can get extra detailed information for downsized areas!

How often can I get information?
Information on crops and field performance is updated every 3-5 days on average, depending on their location.

Is there an app?
Yes, the App can be installed on any device compatible with Android or Apple.

Do you need prior knowledge?
No, using our service does not require prior knowledge of remote sensing or analysis of satellite imaging, but knowledge and training in agricultural cultivation is required.

Does the service replace the farmer in the field?
No, the service is a real-time decision support system for crop growth strategy.

Is there a minimum land size amount for service?
Yes, there is a limit to the minimum size of the service, for more information contact us.

Can the service be suitable for sustainable agriculture?
No, in order to provide the service it is necessary for the farmer to use agricultural machinery (e.g. no manual seeding, no manual field management, etc.).

Is the service suitable only for irrigated crops?
No, the service is also suitable for non-irrigated crops such as grains, cotton, palm-trees, sugar canes, and more.

Can the service fit into other sectors?
Absolutely, Our service is dynamic and can meet the needs of a variety of sectors such as; forestry, energy, industrial intelligence, infrastructure and more. For more information please contact us.

There’s an Agricam product, service or capability for every geospatial need. Just tell us a little bit about your requirements and a member of our expert sales team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
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